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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 1, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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>> lee, thank you. we have breaking news in san francisco. the fifth street off ramp on i-80 is closed right now. a car ran into a light poll an hour ago, a person was trapped inside and was rushed to the hospital with a serious head injury. cr crews are working to clean up the crash. today fans are mourning the loss of fast and furious star paul walker who died in a fiery
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crash last night. >> reporter: minutes after actor paul walker known for his role in the blockbuster hit fast and furious and his friend pro racer roger rodas drove off this. when rescue crews arrived the fire ball was still burning. witnesses tried to put the fire out. it was too late. both were pronounced dead at the scene. >> we tried. >> reporter: the red porsche so mangled it was unrecognizable. the pole it hit, bent in two, carried away this afternoon, part of an investigation under way. on saturday the 40-year-old actor attended a toy drive and car show. his 15-year-old daughter and rodas' son was there, too. friend jim thorp spoke to both men before they crashed just a few blocks away from a charity event in a car that can reach up to 240 miles per hour. >> he's a professional driver. >> yes.
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>> not the first time driving a car like this. >> that's why i'm shocked. >> reporter: this is the spot where the crash happened. police tell us the impact was so great a chunk of the car flew from here into that building breaking that window. he was on a break filming fast and furious 7. co-star tie reese gibson game to the crash scene to grieve today as stunned friends and fans try to make sense of the death of an actor that tragically mirrors the movies he made. >> what was the last thing you heard paul say? >> i'll be right back. >> thuniversal pictures plans t continue filming fast and furious 7 though it's release will likely be delayed. authorities are searching for victims of a train derailment in new york city. the metro north train went off the tracks this morning in the bronx. four people were killed. crews will spend the night to upright the plan. the crash will affect thousands
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of commuters tomorrow morning. a new law begins next year aimed at protecting mountain lions. it was passed after two cubs were shot in san mateo county last year. we talked to the supporters about why they belief it's so important. >> reporter: richard won't forget the day a year ago when two mountain lions cubs wandered into his neighborhood and were shot and killed. >> it didn't seem it was necessary to kill them. we need to do everything we can to protect these animals. >> there are opportunities and options now that weren't available last year. >> reporter: state senator jerry hill says the killings sparked so much outrage it prompted him to propose legislation to use nonlethal alternatives to capture big cats unless they
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l 1w3 game wardens. >> we've seen it work in san jose and los angeles where they have relocated mountain lions that would have been killed otherwise. >> reporter: many gathered in half moon bay to celebrate the victory. this means more collaboration with wildlife groups like the mountain lion foundation. >> we still live in a state with lions. that's exciting and a lot of people feel the same way and they want to keep the cats around. >> reporter: the state department supports the new law but a spokesman tells us we're trying to relocate them where they don't bother residents. mountain cats are common in this county. many hope they'll see more of these big cats from a safe distance. a mountain lion sighting this morning in wood side has led to a warning from authorities.
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residents are being warned not to approach the animals if they see them. still ahead, why oakland airport has seen a huge decline in fliers since 2007. plus what american shoppers are purchasing this holiday weekend. you can help us feed the bay area this holiday season. visit the abc 7 news facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. with each pledge we'll donate one dollar in your honor up to $75,000. your good deed could be rewarded. everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to
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fewer people are flying through oakland airport than a few years ago. passenger traffic has dropped by
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five million people. that's compared to 2007. some industry insiders believe 2007 was a turning point. that's when virgin america launched in san francisco. jet blue both began serving sso. this is after oakland airport spent a half million dollars upgrading its terminal. spca volunteers will walk through terminals with dogs and encourage people to pet them. it includes 8 certified therapy dogs. it will try to help travelers relieve stress and make their journey more enjoyable. up next, the unusual tactic lapd is use today fight crime and we're hear how cold it's going to get this week. >> the warriors scored 118 points but it was the last
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more people shopped this weekend than last year. however, they spent less money. today the national retail federation reported 141 million shoppers thursday through today compared to 139 million in 2012. they spent $407 each. that's down $16 from last year. that totaled more than $57 billion in sales this year. here's what they bought. 57 percent purchased clothing. 37 percent electronics. one in three bought toys. 29 percent gift cards and 17 percent jewelry. officers at an l.a. police station produced their own youtube video hoping to help
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prevent car break ins. it shows zombies breaking into cars. one swipes an ipad left in plain sight. officers and community volunteers acted in the video. the l.a. pd says the message is simple. if you lock your car and hide your stuff you'll deter thieves and keep your stuff. our forecast, it's really going to get cold. >> it really is. the first big blast of winter that we've seen all -- well, i guess all fall. >> we're still in fall. >> 20 days from now will be the first day of winter. oh, my gosh, i backed myself into the wall on that one. anyway, people out shopping today, temperatures 60s and 70s. boy, just a delightful holiday weekend but things are going to change. doppler showing mainly clear conditions inland. high clouds near the coast.
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once again all eyes are on a cold front right here already spreading some rain to the pacific northwest. the bay area is probably not going to have a lot of moisture with it. maybe squeeze out a few light showers. the real big thing this is going to bring us is very cold temperatures. it looks like by wednesday morning, thursday and friday morning, more than likely freeze warnings will be issued for most locations. here's a live shot. right now san francisco 56, redwood city 50. tower cam, beautiful shot this evening looking down towards the bay bridge. santa rosa 48. here's a look at our highlights. cooler tomorrow with a chance of light showers mainly in the north bay tomorrow. get ready for cold, windy conditions through much of our
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upcoming work week. those freeze warnings will probably going into effect as we head into wednesday and thursday. overnight lows tonight into the too bad because we do have the high clouds that will be moving in and you can see in the north bay we'll look for temperatures there mid to upper 30s. still chilly in those locations. otherwise we'll look for widespread 40s. here's a look at our water vapor imagery. this is the area of low pressure right here. it's slowly pushing south. as it does so, it will bring that cold blast of air our way. the winds will pick up as well out of the north. i know a lot of people were out putting their holiday l-u6!m u, their santas, their trees, what have you, decorations. you may want to make sure they're secure because these winds will be picking up by tuesday night and wednesday. here's the timing, 7:00 tomorrow morning we're going to look at that cold front starting to push
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towards the south and as it does so look for increasing clouds. we do have a chance of rain. here it is, by tomorrow afternoon moving into the sonoma coast and possibly as far south as the golden gate bridge but tuesday that cold blast moves in here. because of the instability we will keep a slight chance of maybe a shower in the forecast. monday 64 in oakland but check out by thursday, only 52 degrees and san jose same thing, in the 60s on monday and by mid week only in the 50s. highs tomorrow in the 60s and my 7 day forecast, get ready for the cold spell. here is a look at what you can expect the next 7 days. cold, wind as we head into tuesday. slight chance of a shower and then thursday and friday, that's when we'll have clear nights and freeze warnings more than likely
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those days. >> wow, we're in for it for a little bit. thank you. >> we're in for it. >> we are. >> we're really in for it now. the 9ers really good today, needed to get this win and they got it. wasn't the prettiest game but whatever. battling for a playoff spot means the 49ers don't have the luxury of looking ahead in their schedule. the focus today squarely on the rams and the return of michael crabtree, not next sunday's show down with the seahawks. both teams pregame, close proximity on the huddle. first quarter kaepernick to davis, up and over. that hamstring injury remember earlier in the season, not a problem, a gain of 20. dawson splits the uprights. second quarter on third and 15 cap connects with anquan boldin. the team leading nine receptions
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for 98 yards. 13-3 san francisco at the half. i mentioned crabtree getting the start. his first game in six months coming back from a torn achilles. great stiff arm on jenkins. the gain of 60, two catches, 68 yards in this return. in the fourth vernon up and over again. jenkins wanted none of that. cap throws for more than 150. they're now 8-4 at the podium the three amigos. >> he gets double-team now. it feels good. like you said, when you have a by like that on the other side it relieves pressure off you. this is great. it's always good to have these two at your disposal on the field to make plays. >> a bonding moment at the
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podium todays. vernon's view is tonight at 11:00. shoeman goes one-on-one with davis. vernon's view only on abc 7 news. second meeting in three weeks between the chiefs and broncos. alex smith pretty good numbers. kansas city was up 14 and then manning went on a touchdown passing bing, they take over first place in the afc west. chris davis and auburn busting things up with a finish of the year yesterday, the missed field goal giving an upset. auburn jumps to three. florida state and ohio state now one and two. they're in line for the bcs title game. stanford jumps up from 8th to 7th. i'm waiting for a nerd nation rap song. can someone get on that?
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>> i'm all over it. >> stanford hosting south dakota state. they put up 58 points in the first half alone. show and go, 65-28 at that point. they are now 6-2. the warriors in sacramento where the kings lost three straight. both playing with a sense of urgency tonight. apparently it's lights out at 1500. that's 3:00. lights did come back on. the warriors shoot the lights out. warriors up 16 in the second half before sacramento rallies it's nail biting time. steph curry 12 of 36 from the fourth. demarcus cousins had 24. ties it. bogut denies him.
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115-113 the final. much needed win for the warriors. ncaa men's soccer tournament. scoring ends there. one, nil there. stanford also played today but were eliminated by washington, 1-0 also the score of that game. last note, cal quarterback zach kline has decided to transfer, not saying where, but he wants to start, not be a back-up for
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step two, baconated cheese for awesome. step three, get ready to wow. step four... mmmmm. ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop. with grands mini pot pies. only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. weeknight dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury ands biscuits. make dinner pop. coming up tonight at 11:00, new details about a child seriously injured after a fall into a bay area pond. tonight what some are calling a
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miracle recovery. as we close in on cyber monday, the new future of online shopping and the high tech twist it could take. tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. two movies topped the previous box office record for thanksgiving weekend. the hunger games catching fire once again took the top five. it earned $75 million in just three days. in second place frozen earned $67 million. it's a walt disny animation's biggest movie ever. auth thor and home front rounded out the top five. that's it for us. we'll see you back here tomorrow. ñzçzçzç
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>> this is the show with all kinds of people doing all kinds of stuff. if it is crazy, you will see it tonight. >> i do not know you. >> some call it a story. everyone calls it "bloopers." stop what your doing, in less what you are doing is watching "bloopers." let's go. [applause] welcome to "bloopers." i am dean cain.


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